When you’re losing money in the stock money, the best way to get it back is to keep buying the dip. This works as long as you don’t run out of money and I wouldn’t recommend trading on margin. There is no better financial advice than Warren Buffett’s be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. The people are scared, and for good reason because of Biden’s money printing and inflation combined with the largest companies benefitting wildly while the small ones go out of business. I don’t doubt that there is room to move down, but I don’t plan on dying next year. Word of warning, I’m investing with disposable income and this is not putting me out on the street if they all go to zero.

UAVS – Ageagle Aerial Systems – $1.12


I apologize to Bill in advance for getting him on this POS way higher. Back in early 2021 I sold 2,000 shares when this baby ran to $11. It even went as high as $15. It’s an 11 person company with a hefty market cap of $84 million on $6 million of revenue. They use drones in in the agricultural market and the hope is that their tech will be bought by a bigger company such as Amazon for deliveries. If you lose all your money when this baby trades at $1.12, I’m sorry, but they have $30 million in cash, no debt, and that’s at least $.50 cents in cash so it shouldn’t go lower than that. Drones haven’t caught on to the level they will be in the future. I honestly don’t know what is holding this back aside from sales, marketing, and competition.

PHIL – PHI Global – .0038


This is the picture they use on their 1995 webpage. Notice how they are not squandering money on their website which shows their frugality and appreciation of the Vietnamese Dong.

I never would have gotten into PHIL if it wasn’t for Gourlay, so I thank him for that. I’ve bought and sold PHIL a bunch of times so I don’t think I’m down as much as that number looks. For a penny stock, this bad boy is a wild ride. Its 52 week high is 2 cents which is quite a climb from where we are today. Henry, the CEO, has $1.5 billion dollars lined up for use and Vinafilms is launching which produces plastic for wrapping food. That’s claiming to create hundreds of million in revenue and this stock’s market cap is $56 million. We haven’t even started talking about the Asian Diamond Exchange. Have you ever seen The Rundown? All we need is the O Gato do Diabo for this baby to really start popping. You’re getting in at a good time at 4/10ths of a cent.

GME – Gamestop – $102.34


Just like you don’t want to get caught not having any digital currency, you might as well take a run at the heavily manipulated Gamestop. The idea is that it’s shorted so heavily that institutional investors will cover at some point. The short % of float is 14.89%. It was as high as 40% in Jan 2020. For context, Tesla has a .55% short. The 52 week range is between $38 and $348.50. Gamestop has more cash than debt and with almost $6 billion in revenue per year, the current $7.81 billion dollar market cap doesn’t seem off the map. They still aren’t profitable, but hopefully the wildly outrageous NFT market will change that. I don’t see why you wouldn’t take a risk with out of the money cheap calls. I’d also be willing to sell a bit of the position if you see a 50% gain in a day which this stock tends to swing.

DKNG – Draftkings – $21.89


New York just broke the record held by New Jersey for largest amount of bets wagered in a month at $1.6 billion. Interestingly Caesars did $615 million, Fanduel $502, and Draftking doing $367. Clearly you don’t want to be that far behind JB Smoove’s Caesar, but sports betting still has about 30 states more to approve legalization. DKNG is trading at nearly its 52 week low and ran all the way up to $74 within the year. It has an $8 billion dollar market cap doing a billion in revenue last year. This is a bet that sports betting will continually increase in demand with the more states opening and that certain sites will continually profit. Hell, I know they take my money and I still give it to them.