186 started and we’re down to 8 in a survivor pick em’ (it’s technically a Losers Pool where you choose the loser of the game). That’s a $9k prize pool that I intend to win. There are only 2 people left with a bye, myself included, which is an obvious advantage. I have CAR and TEN as bottom tier teams left to choose. Big Wads, the ultimate survivor, was eliminated last week with the Bills and I’ll share a 3 ideas he’s shared over the years. 1) Pick home teams 2) Don’t pick divisional games 3) Go against the grain.

Last week I luck boxed off of the Bengals and Ravens and landed on the Seahawks, who I picked the week prior to lose and they got blown out by the Ravens. That was a bold move Cotton. I looked back over the past 10 weeks and aside from the Chiefs-Jets game, and last week’s nail biter, I’ve been getting through decently. This week I have a few options:

Carolina – Home team against the Cowboys with a 10 point spread

Las Vegas – Away team with a big 12.5 spread against the Dolphins

Tampa Bay – Away team with a 11.5 spread against the 49ers

There’s no way I’m using a bye with 3 great choices. 5 have already used CAR, 3 have used LV and TB. There will some sort of dispersion and I hate to use CAR in this spot especially being home. Who is the better team, Dolphins or 49ers? Dolphins are rested and the Niners are coming off a blowout home win against a good team. I don’t think I can pick incorrect here and will lean Dolphins.

I’ll write a brief note that as people get down to the nitty gritty they look to chop. My equity is currently $1,125 and I have zero interest in that amount of money. If they wanted to give me $7,500 and chop the rest, I’d do that. Other than that type of deal, I’m in it to win it. If we get down to 2, I’d suggest something like split $2,500 and play for the rest.