My dad gifted me a dozen Pro-V’s for Christmas. I never buy fresh Pro-V’s for myself. The value/feeling for losing a $4 golf ball isn’t there when compared to hitting the $2 used golf balls I purchase or Bill gives me (a public blog thank you). My game also isn’t at the point where the golf ball difference is that noticeable.

I almost like the used logo balls more because there is a story behind them. I played a Bellows Electric Supply ball for 3 rounds straight and for some reason now I remember Bellows Electric Supply. Plus who could forget that awesome ball that Adam gave me that had “Fly Eagles Fly” and was a Pro V 69. It lost its life on my 2nd shot. Too much pressure. I also always look forward to playing the Louis UPS ball which is given to us from our reps. These types of golf balls have character.

So when I get new Pro V’s, there is some expectation to playing well with them. It’s not about the money, it’s that you have this perfectly, new golf ball. It’s untouched. It’s pure. It comes out of the box with the full intention of performing exactly like it’s supposed to. Then some hacker starts scuffing it up off cart paths and hitting trees, and the magic is gone.

When I play golf, I’m a ball hawk. I like adding sweet golf balls to my bag and I think it’s important to know how to find a golf ball when you’re on the course. Playing and not knowing where you hit the ball is tougher for everyone in the group. It’s almost a sense of pride being able to spot where the ball plays which isn’t always that easy. I’ll reminisce to Adam’s favorite story where I thought I drove the ball over green on Lederach 1 and it ended up plugged 50 yards in front.

So when I play that brand new Pro V and lose it on drive #1, it’s a round killer. Alternatively if I blast it down the fairway, it’s going to be a low day.