Cones are TAKING OVER Philadelphia.

I was driving around on Sunday looking for parking on 20th and South. There was a perfect spot, but it had a TRAFFIC CONE blocking it.

I know from the Philly subreddit that this is becoming more common, and that someone moved a cone from a spot to park and came back to find someone smashed their car with a baseball bat.

What did I do? I got out of my car, moved the cone, and parked in the spot.

The easy answer here is “It’s not worth it, just park somewhere else“. I am not a man of conflict, but I am a man of morals, and as a member of this community, I cannot stand for this.

When I returned to my car the next day the cone was gone (I just moved it to the sidewalk) and there was no damage to my car. Take that, cuck.

Is this the right move? If my car was messed up, I’d pretty much have to come up with some elaborate scheme to find the person and then confront them myself, which would make for good blog content (apparently the police aren’t helpful).

And what good would come from that? It would pretty much be me saying “NO. MORE. SCAMMING. ADULTS. OUT OF. TAKING. THIS. PARKING SPOT.” then walking away. I can’t make them pay to fix my car, and I’m not going to beat them up. More likely than not I’d be the one getting beat up.

But the more you let people get away with this the more entitled they feel.