I got the 2nd vaccine shot on March 27th.

Chess caused me a mini meltdown on 4/9/21 that I’m attributing to Covid Fog. After numerous games of defeat, and feeling inferior to my opponents at my crashing rating (sub 1400), I used my fist and slammed my keyboard as hard as I could 3 times. 11 keys, including the space bar, went flying around the room. It’s next to impossible to blog without a spacebar I quickly learned. I laid my head down on the the smashed keyboard and quietly sobbed about what life would be like if I my intelligence continued to dwindle.

The graph speaks for itself.

As you can see now, I’ve fully recovered and am at the highest rating I’ve ever been. At that point in time, I was convinced I was more stupider than I normally am. I’d add that I was making minor mistakes at work and thinking, “how could I let that happen.” This led me down a path that money couldn’t fix and the reason I uncharacteristically let my emotions get the best of me.

The reason I was crying like a little school girl was because a life where you cannot improve would be pointless. It’s like the guy who is happy because he’s supposed to be happy. He doesn’t care to question what he’s doing, he’s just happy doing it. I perform life to continuously improve. If you’re unable to improve, then you are wasting life which is the biggest sin you can commit. So when I felt hopeless that I blundered my queen to Smackthatbishup, and that I wouldn’t ever get back to my rating again, I couldn’t explain why I was getting dumber except that I had received the vaccine 14 days ago. Perhaps it was a bad day and I’m making more out of it, but I realized a key moment after putting my fist through my desk, losing ability with no hope is depressing.

Which brings me to today that the mask ordinance have been lifted and the Covid Crisis will be coming to an end. I’m sure many people out there are upset that they have to live again, but this was long overdue. I personally felt 0 effect from the virus. A few people I knew got it but nothing of any consequence and no fatalities. To me it seems more scamdemic than pandemic, but how dare I say that! Either way, the vaccine will provide the armor people need to battle the flu and life will move on. See you at the bars.