I partied on a boat this past weekend. I’m familiar with parts of the guest list and this leads to many greetings. Hand shakes make greetings for other men a breeze. You see the guy and you stick out your hand. If you have any backbone, you give a firm hand shake. Beta males will give weak grips and you can immediately judge a book by its cover. Some guys get fancy with the open hand and it’s mayhem. Not initially, but no one knows if you are supposed to come out of this position with a gay shake after or give up after the embrace. There are even pull ins where you hug with the off hand. Too confusing.

I’m fully supportive of hugs to girls who you’ve known for a long time or are integrated with your life through family and friends. A handshake to a familiar female is stupid and doing nothing to initiate a greeting seems equally stand offish. This type of hug requires the full on two arms wide open, mini squeeze, kind of hug. I’d certainly accept the one arm side hug to keep it easy if the quarters are tight. Hugs with taller women differ a bit than shorter women. Taller are more likely to get a full hug for me as I wouldn’t want to hug a short woman’s head. They’d get the side.

Which brings me the the topic at hand, hugging girls you hardly know or are greeting for the first time. First time hugs just don’t make sense. A hug is a sense of comfortability within the friendship. If I’ve seen you 3 times before in my life, why am I hugging you? I hardly know you. I know of you. We’re probably not friends. However, I don’t like the tricky hand shake either. The best time a for a male/female hand shake is a business setting, not a friend environment. The options are limited but the best solution is the up close wave. It’s like an Indian HOW. I’m sure that picture is racist in 2021. I prefer this more than the wave but I fully support a wave hello. Any other options I’m missing?