I’m a believer in the illuminati. The “real” elite keep the masses below with many techniques. Kelce and Swift are mere pawns.

Travis Kelce Promoting Vaccines

I’m not sure what people are still wearing masks and getting vaccines at this point.

Kelce Was Paid What?

I have no idea who Brenden Dilley is.

Swift Dating Kelce

Swift Hates Trump

Every Swiftie is a democrat.

The Swift Effect

She has a HUGE amount of pull to popularity.

Horrible for Mahomes

I like Mahomes a ton as a player. To think he has to game manage for this is despicable. Poor Patrick.

It All Adds Up to What?

Is Kelce dating Swift a political stunt? Taylor Swift is one of the most influential females in the United State and millions of fans do as she says. Kelce is getting paid handsomely by Pfizer, who supports the Democratic party financially. Is it a stroke of luck that the two found each other? Who the hell knows, but it’s absurd the amount of attention it’s receiving. If you want to think the American public can’t be mislead from current events that matter…It’s more asking are there more factors at play here? If your brain says that’s ridiculous, mine isn’t as naïve. Money and politics talk the loudest. If you’d be unable to have the discussion about this because I’m a “right wing moron”, you know where you stand and how open your mind is.