Tom’s Phinding Phairways post reminded me of a brilliant idea I had years ago for a podcast. You tell me.

It was right around when Trump got elected in 2016. Ryder and I had been talking about various things and thought a podcast might make sense. Here’s what we had planned:

  • One good thing Trump did
  • One bad thing Trump did
  • Sixers Talk
  • We attempt to record a song in one take with me on guitar and he on drums (we both suck)

Sound good? I didn’t think so. There were a few other segments but I can’t remember it’s been so long.

But here’s the catch…

We both take a LOT of molly before recording each episode. THAT would be our distinguishing factor.

What does every podcast have in common? The hosts are always sober!* We weren’t creative enough to make unique content, but when you take enough drugs, great things can happen.

I’m surprised more podcasts don’t try this. PMT has had a few high-on-weed segments and they’re entertaining. Multiply the high and you multiply the entertainment!

So, there it is. My best idea for a podcast.

*My other answer to what all podcasts have in common is that they’re all hosted by humans. Maybe there’s a market for a podcast hosted by cats?