With Covid cases taking a wild turn upward, it’s funny to watch the narrative change. Biden ran his campaign to put an end to Covid and has utterly failed. Damage control clearly must be engaged as the public is losing interest in the office’s leadership. What this will do is U-turn the narrative to start correcting all the past mistakes. Essentially, get us closer to the truth that was hidden from us for the past 2 years.

Misleading! *Edited* Taken Out of Context

Shocker here. Most deaths are not from Covid but from people with 4 or more comorbidities. I don’t know what a comorbidity is, but I’m guessing Covid didn’t kill them. What I will never understand is the WHY behind this but more on that later from Elon.

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

When financial incentive is used to increase stats, these are the consequences. Elon told us this back in 2020 with the moral dilemma of keep the hospital open or keep the doctors on staff. When you get paid to say it’s Covid, it’s Covid.

What Does it Do Then?

They are working on a 1.1 version of the vaccine because the other vaccine isn’t as effective as advertised. Unless his English is terrible, it sounds like the booster doesn’t even provide against infection. This is coming from the CEO of Pfizer.

Fauci Lies! *Gasp*

I’m not in tune with Wuhan and Fauci but he’s been covering his ass the whole time. He is in front of Congress today and I’m sure he’ll be getting grilled. Project Veritas is doing their best to uncover his bullshit.


This is off topic from the vaccine, but notice how well insiders do when they trade stocks. Whether this info is accurate, I have no clue, but their trades must be disclosed so it shouldn’t be hidden. It’s also funny how the Vice Chairman of the Fed stepped down for his illegal trades. Pelosi should be put in jail. These are the people in charge of policies. If they have no moral compass, why trust them?


This was an actual report from Rachel Maddow months ago. It’s completely wrong. 100% wrong. If you listened to this, you should be questioning every bit of info from these legacy media outlets. The info I’m reporting could also be 100% wrong, but my audience is 50 people and I don’t say that I’m a source of reliable info. You be the judge.

We Want the Truth!

If this type of info bothers you because you don’t want to believe it, that’s your prerogative. If it doesn’t bother you that you’ve been lied to for 2 years now, once again, that’s your call. My position is that I want to be told the truth. That’s it. If someone tells you that this may not be the truth before giving “news”, that’s a far cry from saying believe this because we say so. This Covid narrative is unraveling because the people in charge let it spiral out of control. We need leadership that doesn’t inflate info to go along with their agenda. Most likely this started with a cover up of the origin of the virus and getting Trump out of office. 2 years later, this is where we are. It’s time to drain the swamp.

Also, I’m genuinely curious to hear arguments on the other side of what I’m proposing. I’m giving you what I believe is reliable information from the people spreading the news. Where am I wrong? It’s ok if you think I’m an asshole and completely wrong. I may be. That doesn’t mean you should de-friend me and outcast me. It means that if we can’t have a positive discussion, than the fundamentals of democracy are at risk which is detrimental to our country. That’s as big of a problem as any of what I’ve pointed out. The USA needs to start uniting.