What causes car accidents?

Some people say hesitation. Some people say drunk drivers. Some people say texting.

Those are all great answers.

But I can’t solve any of those. The one that I’m trying to solve is unpredictability.

Accidents happen when people do things that other drivers aren’t expecting. That’s why we have turn signals and brake lights!

But why did we stop at TURN signals? How often is someone trying to turn left at an intersection, the light goes yellow, and a car coming the other opposite way goes flying through trying to make the light while the left-turner is also trying to turn before it turns red and BAM. Two dead people. Maybe more.

While the person running the light KNOWS the other guy is turning left because of the turn signal, the guy turning left has to guess whether the bro is going to be an alpha and run the light or be a beta and stop.

That’s why we need a signal that specifically says, “I’m running this red light“. I don’t know where it would go, maybe just the hood of the car? Maybe it makes a noise. I don’t know. But you know when someone has that signal on, they’re not stopping for anyone. That would save at least one life a year I bet.

This is an example of a post that could’ve just been a tweet:

A signal on the car that says “I’M RUNNING THIS RED LIGHT” so mothafuckas know not to turn

That’s a million-like tweet right there.