Last week I went 0 for 8 on DK lineups created. In comical fashion, one of the lineups missed cashing by .12, which was a Tampa Bay stack that I would have never played without the Solver. Considering this was my best lineup, it should give you an idea on how poorly constructed the other lineups did. One line up was in the .1% of the worst lineups created getting 24,374 out of 24,509. That’s talent.

What is the Solver? This is my FantasyLabs for this year. The Solver will use Establish the Run projections and optimize lineups for DFS purposes. You choose 2 players to get the lineup started, and you’d think this would be a breeze but last week I was all over Mahomes and Burrow when Daniel Jones and Geno Smith were better, and the Solver optimizes the lineup. It’s easy to get frustrated after a total loss, but I have more faith in the people behind this system. With this being week 3 of 18, we need a bigger sample size to throw away our process.

I’m in 8 differing football leagues. 3 fantasy, 1 guillotine, 2 pick em’s, 1 losers, and 1 against the spread. It’s tough to discern what’s the most fun, but I’ll do my best.

  • All my fantasy teams are 1-1 and this requires the least amount of attention from me. Doing research for betting and DFS gives me a decent oversight into fantasy, and I don’t like to overreact to any news early in the season. The goal of winning fantasy leagues is making the playoffs with a hot team and late season pick ups are more important than early acquisitions. Considering I spend more in a week of DFS and betting, season long tend to me more for pride than financial gain.
  • I’ve survived the guillotine 2 weeks now with one of the worst teams. Hunter Henry bailed me out the first 2 weeks. I’m still alive with a team of young players like Gibbs, Mims, and Mingo who hopefully will keep me going a few more weeks until I can spend some FA money. I enjoy this format as getting chopped is humiliating.
  • Pick em’s are entertaining. It’s amazing to realize how hard it is to pick winners, let alone against a spread. For me, these are more of a set and forget. Meaning once I go through the slate, usually picking the teams favored by the spread, I don’t go back and change it. A slow burn through the season and I won’t get crazy until a few more weeks pass and I start losing ground.
  • The league where we pick 5 games against the spread is more fun than a pick em. Since the lines are static, and real lines are dynamic, it makes for a few picks that are must plays even if you hate them. I also like the challenge because a 5-0 week would feel like a total victory.
  • The Losers pool is excruciating. Take a game like tonight, no brainer, just pick the Giants and move on to week 4. Everyone thinks this way and when people zig, you need to zag. Problem being that when the Giants lose, now you’re on the hot seat. As much as I want to “save” the bad teams, getting through is more important.