Democrats and Republicans hold sharply different views of whether America is fulfilling its ideal offering economic advancement to those who work hard and its hope that each generation will do better than the last.

85% of Republicans believe anyone who works hard can get ahead. 53% of Democrats.

34% of Republicans believe the current generation will do better than the last. 55% of Democrats.

91% of Republicans believe America is the greatest country. 61% of Democrats.

Democrats say that hard work isn’t sufficient to advance due to systemic hurdles based on race and class, and that the Government should help. Republicans say government should stay out of the way of individuals, businesses, and charities.

My Bias

If you’re a reader of the blog, you’d know I’m a self employed, Republican, business owner who watches the Government squander citizens money without any repercussions. I also know how a business operates and the efficiencies it creates vs the incredible wasteful, ineptitude of the Government. So before you read my stance on the topic, that’s my background and the bias I have. I’m on the Republican side of each one of the stats above. Please note, I wouldn’t vote for Trump because I think he’s a poor leader, but I do think he does a better job of articulating and carrying out his plan than Biden.

Work Hard?

Republicans believe that the system isn’t rigged and that working hard will get you to where you want to go. Democrats believe the historical nature of the system was unfair (history trumps present day) and it needs to be equalized so that it’s more communistic than capitalistic. My issue with this is that it goes against all the values that got this country to be the greatest country in the world. They want to destroy the fabric of America and turn into a pile of virtue signaling shit with the idea that we are literally all equal. This is not living in the real world as anyone with a brain understands we are not all equal, but should be given the same freedoms to succeed. Which brings us to working hard will get you ahead. Democrats prefer to change the system by not working hard, instead, changing the rules of the game (it’s not a recession…). It’s failing.

The Current Generation?

Every older person believes the next generation will fail. When you age, you lose contact with people who are decades younger than you, and assume that they don’t know what you know, and don’t have the skillset to succeed. The reality is you don’t have the skillset to succeed in their future, and it’s a cognitive misconception. Understand, updated technology makes it easier for each generation. There’s no more hauling stones to build pyramids. Machines and computers make manual labor obsolete and the younger generation is weak when it comes to physical labor/ actually working. This is why you see millions of job openings and there are no people to do it because these younger kids aren’t forced to work. Their parents have it set up so they can live at home off of their wealth and there is no drive to succeed for them. Clearly this is generalizing the situation, but it’s a common thought that the younger generation is lazy. This is why 34% of Republicans believe the younger generation will fail. Immigrants are the only ones who are taking jobs at construction nowadays. Younger, rich, spoiled white kids are not plumbers, electricians, or roofers. They are too good for that and that’s a problem. So as much as I think letting the borders go free is wise, there aren’t people to do this work.

The Greatest?

Democrats “feel”, that’s a key word as Democrats don’t live in the real world, their way through problems instead of deducing accurate decisions through stats. Democrats want the Government to solve their/the problems. I don’t know why they think that the Government is on their side no matter who is in office. How can I think we are the best country without having faith in our Government? Good question. The liberties that were created in 1776 with freedom to individuals is different than the rest of the world and STILL why we’re the best country no matter who is in office. America hinges on all of those liberties and they continue to be infringed upon in 2022. When big tech (far left motivated) shows/censors how they want you to think, why would you be for this? When media tells you to stay inside because of a deadly virus because they “know” (and just as likely created it), why would you be for this? When the President that was elected can’t answer questions from the media because he’s scared of making a blunder, why would you vote for this? As a Republican, I don’t truly care about Democrats. A ton of my friends are Democrats and we don’t give a shit about politics. My main value for America is freedom of thought and meritocracy. I’ve wrote on this blog 100 times that if you don’t interfere with this, I’m cool. Yet, when you take a guy who literally doesn’t care about politics and push him to write a post like this, perhaps you’ll know that we are too swaying too far in the wrong direction. I also didn’t even mention indoctrinating children with mental pronouns, a shit economy, and criminal leniency. Let’s bring those goal posts in.