I haven’t posted in a bit because I fell off the wagon. In fact, I was never actually on the wagon so it would have been impossible for me to fall off, but I have been drinking beers on the golf course again as men do. It’s hard to quantify if posting more was tied to sobriety or if I had more time to do so. I’m not sure it matters. Nevertheless, I’ll try to publish a few posts before heading away to Europe.

Next Sunday I fly to Frankfurt and I won’t be back until the 27th. I don’t intend to bring a laptop, so unless I use a hotel business center, I don’t see much checking in. I should be getting plenty of great scenery though which are the only pictures I put on Instagram. I’ve never understood taking pictures of places that thousands of people have shot better than you before, but at least Europe is different to us Americans.

This trip was scheduled by me for a mostly business agenda. I needed a break from the United States and a trip elsewhere will hopefully renew the mojo. I’m curious how the Europeans are doing and how they perceive us. This will be one of my main talking points during my travels. I’ve done these types of trips a few times in my life and as they get easier, you have to make them harder. I’ll report back in 10 days with further info.

I also have plenty of material for posts but I can barely stomach writing about them. The Dylan Mulvaney sponsorship deals by Nike and Bud Light are cringeworthy. When the Louisville shooter uses he/him pronouns and that’s more important than the event that kills 4 people goes to show you what gets clicks. Just another mass shooting. Moving on. The US dollar seems like it’s on a tilt downward as the world’s reserve currency which will should give pause to everyone who thinks the USA will be the most powerful nation forever (it won’t). Until the USA starts shifting back to the values that grew its strength (meritocracy / capitalism), you’re going to see these trends of weakness continue. Our children are dumber. Our politicians more corrupt. Our money is becoming worthless. Our cities are more dangerous. I don’t doubt we’ll be fine as these events tend to work themselves out, but this is not good. Auf Wiedersehen!