Drug Lords

I’m paranoid when it comes to drugs and airports. I get anxiety smuggling Tylenol PM’s or toothpaste that’s 6.1 oz’s through a carry on. I don’t need the hassle. When you get to next level smuggling like prescription pills or THC, find some other mule. No thanks. I wonder how many bags of this stuff got through before they decided to check this one? Smuggling is hard business. Imagine you live in a tent in Columbia and wandering where all the clientele is? Pablo down the street is a huge addict but you’re only making 2 pesos a week off him. You need rich people and then resurrect Omar to start slinging. Obviously you start by getting a two seater plane-boat and start making illegal flights. If you need your runners to go through public airports, that’s about as risky as it gets. Not only is it risky if they get caught for them, but they’ll obviously rat on you.

This is why these guys should run big operations of non-illegal merchandise. They’re too involved with human smuggling, eliminating rival gangs, and fancy mansions in the hills. I think if they got a few lessons in politics, they’d probably destroy our corrupt system. Biden vs Escobar. No thank you. As this point, I’d give them a chance.