The latest tragedy in the woke financial nightmare is Silicon Valley Bank. Why do I point out SVB with a liberal agenda? It’s because this is the second multi-billion dollar example ($200 billion now), FTX being the first, of left leaning scam artists TRICKING hard working Americans with “Effective Altruism” and “Gender Equality” as their focuses. I’m clearly simplifying a highly complex situation to make a point if you are already too uptight to read any further.

Left Leaning

How Big Are We Talking Here?

Who is Involved?

Why Do I Care?

Silicon Valley are shysters’. They have revolutionary ideas that impact the entire world…sometimes. Other times they promote agendas to make them feel / look good while butt fucking the people involved. When are we going to start making the punishment a beheading? This bank bullshit effects everyone single person who has read this far. Is your money safe? This was a bank! We’re back to 2009. It kills me because a bank is supposed to be a bank, not a liberal, political fundraiser who steals from the people and loses billions only to be bailed out by the fed which in turn increases the taxes on us regular Americans. What’s amazing is most people don’t even care. Hundreds of startups are potentially going out of business unless the government, who lets this happen due to lack of regulation as it benefits them with political donations, steps in. The entire situation is ridiculous and it hides behind these inane agendas which people are hopefully starting to see through. I hate to demonize this as a political issue, and not only a banking one, but they go hand in hand. This is one giant circle jerk. Once you realize that the woke agenda’s main focus is to bring the majority of people down, and them up, and everyone loses because the system isn’t nearly as broken they think, we’ll be able to move forward. The Californian equality system, the most liberal of them all, is fucked, and here is just another example.