That is the question. I’m down $581 since the start of the NFL season and another $300 in DFS. This is week 6. We have a LONG way to go. The run I’m on is much worse than down a few hundred bucks because I started off the season up about $300 after the first week. Since the Daniel Jones 1st TD on 9/16, I’m down about -$1000 while winning 2 of 14 bets in the month of October. It’s a skid. To quote the famous Andrew Gourlay, “the only way to stop losing is to keep betting.” Something like that.

I took this past week off betting football which I have no problem doing. I don’t bet to make money I just don’t like getting my skull crushed in. I keep close track of my gambling and I’m down $4,500 dollars after making 3000 bets since May of ’18. Which means that every bet I place I should expect to lose $1.5 dollars. That seems pretty good to me when you consider I’ve wagered $84,000 dollars. I’m not sure how the 10% juice factors into that because they take 100% of your loses which means they take around 10% of the 50% of the loses, or around 4k. Go figure. My biggest holes are -$2,200 on PGA and -$1,600 on NFL in case you were curious.

The bigger question is am I gaining more fun from betting or am I wasting my life time? If you figure that I’m not going to win, which I have a large enough sample size now, I should stop and find another more proactive activity. This is typical of what I concluded with online poker and the amount of time vs profit was not good. Here’s the rub, there most likely won’t be a hobby that will be profitable for me. I can’t win myself. I can’t find the right info from other people to win even when I pay them (they already have come to my conclusion and win by taking my money…), and my evaporating time is too valuable. So, all that being said, who are we betting on tomorrow? I’m thinking Eagles ML. Go Birds!