What a weekend! I’m up a cool $2,400 since the Morikawa-Buckley breakdown and another $1,200 on DFS for the month. I did lose 1k on the 1st of this month so it’s not as good as it seems, but so far so good in the playoffs. Let’s give a shoutout to Ja’Marr Chase for 1st TD at 11-1 that I had $100 on and Victor Perez at the DP World Tour hitting at 55-1 on a $20 bet.

Futures Coming to Fruition

Here are my futures as I’ve been betting on various outcomes throughout the season.

Chiefs Win Superbowl – $410 to win $2,407

Eagles Win Superbowl – $50 to win $690

Chiefs over the Eagles exact – $50 to win $775

49ers to win Superbowl – $20 to win $320

I want the Chiefs and Eagles to prevail over the Bengals and Niners. With the Chiefs giving 1, and Mahomes not at full strength, I’m a bit nervous. As much as it pains me, I’m considering putting $500 on the Bengals at the plus point…but I haven’t, and probably won’t make this move (see below). I don’t see a huge reason to bet the 49ers and will most likely lay the points in the game. Another idea that I already bet on is 6pt teasing the Bengals and Niners at -120. I only did it for $100, but don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t get this up to at least $250. I also like Chase to be MVP of the Super Bowl at 20-1 in the Bengals win. This would be another minor hedge for me.

I can’t be too upset at how this is turning out. I’ll be heavily betting on the Chiefs this weekend. It’ll be crushing if it loses, but this is not a spot to go against convictions. However it does bring back painful reminders of last year in a game I also thought the Chiefs would win and lost. Mahomes should be back near full strength and Andy Reid proved he can even move the ball with Chad Henne. I like the Eagles to prevail against the Niners in what will be a hard fought game setting up that $$$$. Hopefully we can have 1 more successful week upcoming.