Here You Go…Man

At :45 seconds of this clip, Donald has one of the best interactions with another human being I’ve ever seen.

Am I Hearing Him Right?

To acknowledge him wearing gloves during this charade is also wonderful. Let’s address his address of “man” in the clip. I’ve heard man used as a generic joe plenty of times, but never quite like this. This is more like, you commoner, it’s not worth my time to learn who you are. You’re so beneath me you’re a villain in a James Bond game. Or henchmen number 3.

7 Million Illegals Under Biden

To stay on politics for a brief moment, as I know people don’t take me seriously.

I confirmed this from the Customs and Border protections website with this chart I found, so the historic numbers are most likely accurate.


This is only the REPORTED numbers. Lord knows how many people come into the country no one knows. I have no issue with legal immigration. To make the case that illegals help the economy is out there. The point that these are hard working, well to do, civilians is what you hear as why this isn’t a problem. Is that true? I can’t attest from experience, but you don’t leave a life of glamor to travel hundreds of miles to get the hell out of your home. You leave because you have nothing and 1) you’re looking to start a new life 2) you will be killed in your current environment. Essentially, you have nothing to lose and the idea it will be better in America. People aren’t traveling the other way! This issue, and you can see it’s still getting worse with each passing month, is why I’d not vote Democrat. They think the people who work hard and pay taxes don’t mind fronting the cost for this poor policy, which is truly designed to get more voters so they stay in office. Mail in ballots yadda yadda. I’m sure many Republicans have the same idea that Democrats don’t live in reality. To them, these illegals are assets to the country. To people who have a semblance of reality, this is wasting our money, and hurting our country and it’s getting worse before getting better. Get a grip.