I peer around the corner to see if my neighbor is smoking cigarettes’ outside. The suspense is nonsense because it doesn’t stop me one way or another from going home. If he, sometimes them, are out there, I know the small talk is coming. What’s your favorite pizza spot? Is our music too loud? I’m cordial because nothing these guys do truly bothers me. That last line is a requirement in case they find this post and want to draw a penis on my front door.

The cigarette butts pile up. The ash tray is in 3 ceramic parts and there are 100 butts overflowing and another 50 on the outskirts. Trash pickup on Saturday may have been a reasonable time to place these butts in a trash can but maybe they are saving them in case they run out of money. It’s not so much the butts that bother me as much as the laziness behind the butts. Talk about neighborhood devaluation.

Now I truly don’t have a problem with the neighbors. Nice guys. The one guy must be a trumpet player learning his instrument. 1am seems to be the ideal practicing time. Maybe the acoustics are best when it’s as quiet as possible. The other fella is the piano player. It’s most likely a keyboard but my ear isn’t professional trained in such fine sounds. Beethoven would be proud.

My most alarming moment came when they blast Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals. Fine song if you’re into the screamo biz. I wouldn’t have placed this on them though. Strange how one song placement changes your opinion of someone. They struck me as more of a SoundGarden, grunge type. Great guys though

Now when I peer around that corner, there is never any circumstance that truly bothers me. Frankly I like these guys more than the other side who I can’t remember / pronounce his name and have only seen 10 times in 2 years. We’re currently having an alarm clock battle with who can wake up the other earlier. Good times.

Boy I hope they don’t find this blog. All great guys though.