Rachel Levine Makes History As 1st Openly Trans Federal Official Confirmed By Senate

Let’s remember the Rachel Levine story of her pulling her mom from a nursing facility during Covid while at the same time implementing policy directing Pennsylvania’s nursing homes and certain care facilities to admit recovered COVID-19 patients who were treated at nearby hospitals.

The next bit of footage is Rand Paul questioning Rachel Levine on gender affirming care to minors. Mr. Paul is asking if Levine believes in genital mutilation to minors and if minors are able to make decisions regarding their gender for themselves at this age. Levine is instructed to read from a template to answer all questions which should be indicative of the responses she would give if she were honest (and why our system is totally fucked up).

Allowing the Minority to Make Decisions For the Majority

A conservative estimate extrapolating our meta-regression results, while excluding the latest NCHA wave of data as a potential outlier, suggests that the proportion of transgender adults in the United States is 0.39%, or 390 per 100 000, and almost 1 million adults nationally.

Do I know what the assistant to health does in our government? I don’t. What my issue is that .39% of the people in the US identify with Rachel Levine, yet she’s making policy decisions that affect the other 99.21%. She is a human being who was born with a penis and now identifies as a female. Without being told I’m a huge bigot, which I don’t doubt people will believe, it has to be a bit confusing to know if you should go to the restroom and use your schlong standing up or sit down in the stall and fake it. Calm down, it’s a joke. So when Rachel has a decision to make if we should add a 3rd identity to all public restrooms which will cost businesses billions, yes, I have a feeling she will have a bias towards these decisions. With our current system, the Democrats voted her in as a figurehead for the Trans community.

It’s clear why Ms. Levine gets continuously voted up the power chain of our government, inclusivity. Democrats are clearly excited by equal rights for everyone. Transexuals should enjoy the same rights as everyone else because I 100% agree that all humans should have the same rights. I don’t believe in bigotry and will firmly stand behind that. However, I don’t agree that decisions of power should go to people who may not be best suited for the job, but are a certain type, which is what I see happening here. Can Ms. Levine do the job as well as her peers? If the answer is yes, then I’m fine with her becoming the secretary. However, if she’s an advocate for children growing up with the idea that cutting of their breasts or mutilating their penis is a “normal” course of action, I don’t believe that is a natural accordance of life. The opposing side will argue that I’m close minded, not “woke”, and she’ll do a better job than any other candidate. Perhaps they’re right. However, voting ideas into office without caring about the outcome is stupid. When teenagers who are part of this new society start to regret their newly found freedoms under Ms. Levine’s guise, just remember that’s what happens when you vote ideas instead of outcomes. My suggestion would be to put Ms. Levine in a section of government that she knows best, not overseeing millions of people’s “health”.