A PCR test uses amplification cycles to detect the virus. If the 1st cycle catches a hint of Covid 19, this is a highly concentrated viral load. If there is nothing caught until the 40th cycle, now you’ve tested positive for less of a viral load. Both cases are reported as testing positive. Read about how this 67 year old tested positive while her husband tested negative if you want the inspiration for my post.

Is someone who has Covid on cycle 1 as contagious as someone who has it on cycle 40? Scientists suspect yes. Here’s a thought, compile all the data and breakdown how many people test on what CT level and then you’d see how devastating the virus could be. Is this not the root of the pandemic?

*After further research, this information is considered unreliable as all tests differ. Seems on brand with Covid 19.

The PCR test can detect the Covid 19 antigen back 90 days. People are routinely testing positive with lower viral loads. What if having a lower viral load makes it so you’re asymptomatic and can’t spread Covid? Would panic spread among the people if you told them that they have less to worry about if their CT# is 40 vs 20? Or that only 1% of the cases have a CT# of less than 20 (hypothetical)? This is assuming all tests are equal, which they aren’t, and that you get could high quality samples, which you don’t.

Maybe people don’t have to wear their masks in the car. Maybe the people who sickest are the 1% who test under 20 cycles and the people who test over the 30th cycle are fine. Which makes me wonder why are we testing up to the 40th cycle? The question of does the virus move from a place where it can be found on the 40th cycle to a place that it can be found on the 20th cycle is the obvious concern.

Where is the data compiling on the CT test# and deaths? I want to see every dead body and what their CT test # was. The CDC should have this information but where is it? Well, that’s not for the public. I get that this # is unreliable and that it can rise or fall depending on what this virus is. I just don’t think that the public is understanding that this # is deciding their fate right now.

CT Test Study