What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

This clip epitomizes the best laid plans of mice and men. There’s a plan, a back up plan, and they’ve probably driven the boat hundreds of times. Wouldn’t it be sweet if no one was driving the boat and the two of us were surfing? I wished the clip would have kept going because, and I’m not a boat man, once the throttle is down it doesn’t stop.

Worst Possible DUI?

If you’ve had some drinks and gotten behind the wheel, you know that one slip up is all it takes. Bad merges. Turning without a signal. Going 1 mph over the speed limit. There is no room for error and the utmost importance is on safety and abiding by the rules. Driving into the motorcade! Wow. This guy must have been on cloud 9. That’s impressive by impressive standards. I get that there is probably a ton of commotion around a motorcade to throw you off your drunk driving game, but jesus, wait until the tons of blinking police lights have left before you decide to drive into them.

All of these Family Guy drunk driving clips are gems.

Claudine Gay

You know where I stand on the embarrassing testimonies from MIT, Penn, and Harvard’s deans on the Anti-Semitism on campus. If you swapped Jewish for black, and asked her if it’s ok to say, “death to blacks on campus”, do you think she’d still be saying it depends on the context? It’s inane and they should all be fired. Harvard’s early applications are already down 17% and I’d be ashamed if I were alumni.

The below story is saying Gay plagiarized her scholarly papers (40 allegations), of which she has 11 total (the prior dean had 150), and why Harvard can’t admit she plagiarized as they are muddying the waters on what’s acceptable. If you’re at Harvard, black, and gay, you write your own rules.

Stephen Voss, an associate professor of political science at the University of Kentucky and coauthor of one of the papers that Gay seems to have copied almost word for word in part of her doctoral dissertation, told a Globe reporter he wasn’t offended by Gay’s actions, but added this:

“What Claudine did is technically plagiarism and it bugs me that people now, in their rush to defend her, are trying to suggest that academic standards permit that sort of copying without quotation marks,” Voss said. It’s “just not what we teach students. I don’t treat it as acceptable with my undergrads, let alone my grad students.”

Devil Statue Vandalized

This Satanic Temple’s display was vandalized in the Iowa Capitol building. You read that right. This statue is in the Iowa Capitol building.

I saw this story on Reddit and read some comments and was shocked at how many people were saying, “wow, another Christian who can’t accept another religion.” 🤦

I’m not a religious person, but worshipping Satan does not belong in our governments. This isn’t a freedom of religion conversation. The basic premise behind God and satan is good vs bad. Are we saying Satan is changing course? Isn’t this guy known for his tricks? We’re cool now accepting the worst of human kind as a religious belief that belongs in our government buildings. 1) How the fuck did it get into the Iowa Capitol? Whoever signed off on that should be fired 2). How are so many libtard Redditors in favor of it? This story blew me away. I hope I’m getting trolled.