You’re in for a lucky treat. Last night, content for a dramatic blog post was created at South Bowl. This post will go over my viewpoint and you’ll also get to read a completely separate viewpoint from Mr. 183. I didn’t read Adam’s post before I’m writing mine.

The Strike Jackpot

Every week bowlers throw money in a pool to get tickets. If your ticket is called, you get a chance to roll a strike to win the money in the pot. If you miss, the money rolls over into the next week. After at least 5 weeks of misses, the strike jackpot ballooned up to over $1,200.

Mr. 183, Adam’s average from his first week bowling, subbed for Jordan and said he wanted to give 5 bucks for some tickets and then I’d get to roll if the ticket was called and he’d split it. Sam pointed out that’s not fair because I’ve been throwing in for the past 5+ weeks and it doesn’t make sense that he’d get that much. Adam said he’d then throw in $10 of my entries this week so I didn’t have to pay. Most of this discussion is a moot point because if the pool collects $300 for that nights action, and we put in $10, our chance of getting called is 1/30 roughly.

As I ate my pizza watching Sam, Adam, and Evan debate the situation, I knew that Adam had been on a heater. He hit a 20-1 on Sunday from Judah Fortgang, hit an anytime TD parlay from Dink, nailed the Raiders, hit a 10-1 5x ML bet, and a 20-1 Taysom Hill 1st td, Saints +4, under bet. That’s a good streak anyway you slice it and I looked at Adam being on my ticket as a heat check that I wanted to be a part of no matter what.

So the numbers are being called and what do you know, 445!, my number. Another caveat is that Adam wouldn’t have been eligible for the strike pot because you have to be entered every week prior, so if you asked why didn’t he buy his own, that’s why. Pressure’s on now, it was my turn to roll a strike for $1,200. I wouldn’t say I was nervous as much as I didn’t want to roll a gutter or trip over my feet and fall into the gutter and look like a buffoon. The crowd starts booing hoping for “one more week”, and I hurl a ball down the right side, hit the pocket light, and…………………get a good mix and win the strike jackpot for $1,200.

I tipped the people running the jackpot and gave Adam $500. Did Adam deserve that much? What would have happened if I said that I didn’t want to split the tickets with him? What if I said I’d only give him 20% and he said he didn’t want to do that? When the idea was posed, I didn’t think twice about it because I don’t do these types of contests for the story, only for the blog content. Either way, it was pretty amazing the discussion prior, my ticket getting picked, and finally rolling the strike. Lucky me.