The top comments I get in person about this blog are 2 fold:

  • You don’t post enough
  • Your posts are shitty

Evan tells me he doesn’t visit because posts don’t automatically, uhhh post, on X any longer which is true, however, he could find it if he wanted to as a quote unquote “tech guy”. I wasn’t sure if I need the quotes around tech guy after pointing out…but ANYWAY…that’s a Chuck Klosterman segway for those wondering.

It is true I haven’t been posting as often and it’s because I have completed a full move from my house to an apartment. I’ll create a separate post shortly on the benefits and lifestyle changes. We’re also days away from signing a lease for a new business building, in a new city, outside Philly. This is going hand in hand with the sale of the building which is almost concluded after 10 years of trying to sell. The Stortz name in business is finally taking the next leap to becoming a modern day company and not one working out of the same building from the 1800’s. It’s bittersweet, and I took some pictures to share that I’ll also create a separate post for. I have many mixed feelings about it all that are difficult to put into words.

The last paragraph hopefully provides some answers to why I don’t have tons of time to type away at my keyboard creating badass posts for the masses. I’ll be heading to Vegas in 2 weeks, and then to Europe a month after that for 10 days, so it’s not slowing down. Combine this with work, which is full throttle, and life is fully back. I’m also the strongest I’ve been in a long time with a solid workout regimen and have upped my running mileage to 40 minutes at a time which should have me running 6 minute miles for a 10k. I’m not quite that old yet.