Can you support Black Lives Matter and be Pro-Vaccine at the same time? This is a new dilemma popping up for simple, one sided people. The BLM movement fights for just rights of blacks and Pro-Vaccine people suggest that Covid will continue to dominate our lives until you get vaccinated. But what happens when black people don’t want to get vaccinated? Are restaurants that require proof of vaccination discriminating against minorities?

Racist and Disrespectful

Labels on complicated issues are stupid. Simplifying whether “Black Lives Matter” into a yes or no question is for the ignorant. I agree that all people should be treated equal. I agree that everyone deserves the same freedoms. Should owners of restaurants be allowed to dine only vaccinated people in their establishment? Now one step further, should white owners be allowed to deny black unvaccinated customers? If you believe that the vaccine is the holy answer, you’d answer yes to one and must answer yes to two.

Here’s another clip of a multi-cultural center denying a white person to study. This is literally being racist. Let’s ask, should every student be allowed to study in a multi cultural center? Should white students be allowed to study in a multi cultural center. If you answered yes to one, you must answer yes to two. Pump the brakes.

Can you be pro-vaccine and support BLM when black people don’t want to get vaccinated? Based off of my feel for our current population, I bet they’d throw black people to the curb so fast if they weren’t vaccinated. Which goes to show that BLM wasn’t nearly as important as their own self interest. They want rights for everyone, as long as they don’t infringe on their personal well being.

We’re seeing people being forced to get vaccinated and how educational universities are developing students to believe white people are the root of their problems. Whether you agree with me on these points truly doesn’t matter because it’s our government forcing these issues upon us. The government is pushing the vaccine mandate narrative. The governor of New York is replacing unvaccinated healthcare workers with national guard replacements.

Is the main point that the unvaccinated healthcare workers are problematic? I originally thought the unvaccinated public was the problem because they were too busy dying and occupying hospitals. Are we protecting the unvaccinated healthcare workers or the unvaccinated public? The vaccinated public should be a non-issue to the unvaccinated healthcare. It would have to be the unvaccinated public posing a threat to the unvaccinated healthcare workers. So we’re firing all of the people who actually work, replacing them with government drones, and now these people are better prepared to treat the unvaccinated? If you understand this, please help because this is looney toons.

I’m going to bring these examples full circle and takes us to Occam’s razor where we should select the simplest solution for complex problems. Note above why the governor of New York’s solution seems absurd if we’re looking for simplicity. The state of California also tends to find the most complex solutions to life’s problems.

These examples I’ve set forth require certain lynch pins. Black people can be unvaccinated if they want and they shouldn’t have to lose their job or be required to show vaccine cards. White people should be able to sit in a multi-cultural center without being a white supremacist. These narratives being pushed upon the people are over-reaching what a governments job is. Pfizer made billions of dollars on their vaccine and hundreds of millions of people voluntarily took it. Why make the people who don’t want it take it? What makes you think that President Biden and the CDC know best that 98% of the people need to take the vaccine to overcome Covid 19? You seriously think that in 2021 these morons are 100% certain they developed the cure for the disease they probably created? These people don’t know anything and you should understand that you don’t know anything either. If you want to get on your high horse and say a vaccine mandate is necessary, you’re just a sheep listening to what other sheep tell you based on statistics that they created. Now I’m not saying I know what’s best, but I know that what I’m seeing is not rational decision making. People are making it up as they go along and altering to whatever seems best. I know this post took turns all over the place, but there has to be foundations built that aren’t if you’re unvaccinated we are going to shame you. This goes the same for being white in a multi-cultural center and heading back to the times of segregation.