As you age, your memory fabricates your past as it pleases. I’ll admit to having Tik Tok, and there was one channel that showed video games from the 90’s. A few examples I saw were Beavis and Butthead, Arch Rivals, and NHL ’93. My childhood memory has me thinking these games were cutting edge. As I watched the clips, they were clunky and looked ridiculously bad. It doesn’t bother me that the games weren’t how I remembered them as much as the warped nostalgia through games I thought games were awesome.

When Animals Attack! was a show on Fox in the mid-late 90’s. Over the course of the three shows, the animals involved include everything from ordinary household pets to fighting bulls to elephants, lions, and bears. This is classic television that should not be overlooked by students of shock film. It’s hard to explain TV in those days but there weren’t as many options. An 8pm time slot on a Wednesday was going to get watched by millions if it had a catchy, curious title. This type of show fit the bill. Who doesn’t enjoy the spontaneity of animals attacking! I’ll never forget a Guinness Book of World Records show where the guy had to run through panes of glass. You can’t make this stuff up but if aliens are watching. They know we’re worth being left along.

Plant and Attack

USFL Football Player

Be Prepared

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