There should be a vaccine death toll the same way there was a Covid death toll. I know 6 people died from the Astra Zeneca dose. How many people in the past few months have gotten the vaccine and died? This should 100% be a statistic the same way people who had Covid died and amped the death toll.

The United States has counted 578,976 Covid deaths as I’m writing this post. Let’s use 400 days of this pandemic being around and 8,000 people die a day. That’s 3.2 million people dying since Covid began. I’m being told that 18% of total deaths in the past 13 months have been Covid related which seems like a lot considering the death rate is 1.7% if you are infected (there have been 32 million Covid cases).

Keep in mind that if someone who had pancreatic cancer, who also had Covid, this was labeled a Covid death. I don’t have the time to back this up, and frankly I don’t think I’d be able to find it anyway, but I’m surmising that this happened with some frequency to boost the death toll. Why boost the death toll? Did you watch the videos from my last post? I’m pointing out that maybe Covid isn’t nearly as deadly as we’ve all been told. Remember when the bad orange man was in charge? Isn’t it the job of the government to keep the people safe! Why inflate the death toll?

Why a Vaccine Death Toll?

If a human has receives the vaccine, and they die, no matter their age or their prior conditions, they should be added to the vaccine death toll. Here is a story that says that Henry Aaron didn’t die from taking the vaccine even though he died 17 days after getting the vaccine. You mean the same way that someone who dies from pancreatic cancer didn’t die from Covid. If a 99 year old person with kidney cancer dies, and he had just got a shot, would people think that taking the vaccine isn’t safe if the death toll was rising? Why would we ever keep a vaccine death toll? It’s not like the vaccine killed them.

I have received both vaccine shots and the vaccine sold the people a safe feeling. I’m sharing my own personal opinion on this so don’t get mad that I don’t think like you. Was getting the flu, feeling sick, and recovering ever an issue in past years? Prior to Covid you could spread the flu throughout an office and no one would think twice. Then this new disease was founded and was a killer with its 1.7% death toll. Now we all are forced to take shots (or you’re an asshole for infecting the people around you and won’t be able to travel) to say that we are inoculated. I don’t even know the truth about what I took. The people who gave it to us also don’t know. We can still get Covid but we don’t get sick? We still have to wear a mask? We can’t spread it as easily anymore? No one has explained to me the specifics and it seems to me no one actually knows for sure because you there are no straight answers. So when you look closely at that death number, that number that the media wants to get higher, you ask yourself what is acceptable? With there being no to few actual flu deaths this year, and possibilities of miscounting, what would make you say that this isn’t as bad as it was? But we social distanced, washed our hands, and wore our masks! Keep locking yourself in your house in your Covid cautious ways. I’m ready to start living again.

Don’t let this happen to you. She must have gotten the vaccine.