Golf season is upon us and it’s important to have a fresh shirt or two. I own 19 golf shirts which is a lot. When you consider I golf 2-3 times a week for 50 weeks of the year, this means I wear each shirt 5-6 times. I’ve had many for years so they need to be replaced. A point about golf shirts, your playing partners notice if you wear the same shirt every time. We aren’t GQ, but when someone says, “nice shirt”, the “thanks” that goes along sets the round vibe. This is why I like adding a new shirt or two to my arsenal every few months.

X Marks the Spot

The shirt you see in the feature image is my perfect design for a lighter color shirt. I usually go with blue or gray because it’s safe and white shirts tend to flaw with spots or marks. I had to throw out two white ones recently because they were uncleanable and had streaks on the shirt which made them look dingy. This pattern in particular is sharp and unassuming which is why I like it. So I sprung for the nice shirt pictured and what do I see?

That mark is right on the front below the breast. It’s a small mark, however, I know it’s there. Does it ruin the integrity of the shirt? That’s what I’m asking. I thought I was buying a clean shirt. That will not come out and it’s not my job to see if it does. Will anyone notice it and will it reflect poorly on my life? Probably not, but am I wrong in thinking I deserve a flawless shirt for the money? It’s not a $20 shirt. This is not what I paid for but I don’t want to be a noodge because I’m in the business of sales and when a customer wants to return a tool that has a defect, usually I’ll get annoyed because it doesn’t alter the use of the tool. Yet, a shirt has is an aesthetic / purpose which is upset by this mark. Am I being picky or would you send this back?