It feels like I’m the crazy one believing what I’m seeing. This doesn’t mean I won’t mistake a parody video and wonder how far AI has come…however… the Pfizer, Google/YouTube, Meta, US Government team is behind the virus and the profit from it. It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. I don’t believe this would be the reaction to this below evidence if they’re not guilty.

Project Veritas

An employee at Pfizer was set up on what he thought was a date and divulged all of this info.

Pfizer is a revolving door for all government officials…In the Pharma industry, all the gov’t officials who review our drugs, eventually come work for pharma companies…Because if the regulators who review our drugs stop being a regulator, they want to go work for the company, they are not going to be as harsh on the company where they’re getting their job.

The Meltdown this guy has is amazing. 2nd video below.

Pfizer said he doesn’t work for the company, Project Veritas has proof he does.

YouTube Takes Down the Video

Here is a company wide leak within Youtube on what to do about the video.

Run Away Little Boy

The VP of Global Trust and Safety won’t answer questions (wisely of course).

The Evidence

If you haven’t seen the info I’ve presented, then I’d imagine the bigger picture of the controlling parties of the United States doesn’t interest you, which applies to a large majority of the population who finds it easier not to worry about these types of events. These are the people who will say this information is unequivocally false. Don’t watch it. Ban it. Burn it. Forget it. What has happened though is an insider for the drug company spilled info about mutating viruses, the vaccine halting menstrual cycles, and regulation is bullshit. If he’s lying, that’s for you to decide. What you have to question though is why ban the videos if there is nothing to hide? This is the fundamental question you have to ask yourself because these companies and government agencies are all wrapped up in each other.

ChatGPT Is Next

It’s the same logic when chatGPT show results for a poem about Biden and Trump.

I’ll Admit It

It’s impossible to know what’s real anymore from the sources they come from. You go through life and believe what you want to believe from the sources you want to. This one though seems to me too lopsided that it certainly isn’t in the best interest of the plebs like us. The actual situation doesn’t make me as mad as the cover up behind it. That it feels like the majority of people don’t actually care. They’re fine with truth being covered up. They want to live in the fog without questioning truth. Unfortunately in my short life, that’s not the way I find is most rewarding. Perhaps I’m the idiot for wanting to know.