If you use Tik Tok, you understand why you have to delete it.

The Addicts App

Tik Tok is fuel for boredom. Taking a 5 minute shit? Tik Tok makes it a 15 minute shit. Have 5 minutes to kill because you woke up before your alarm went off? Scroll Tik Tok until you’re 5 minutes late. Don’t feel like watching a 25 minute episode before trying to go to sleep? Tik Tok for 10 minutes until it’s 20 minutes past bedtime. The dopamine loop is nasty.

Why is it so addictive? Picture a 10/10, with huge juggs, swinging a golf club, in full HD, with the motion perfect. GraceCharis if you want a personal fave, will waste 30 seconds of your life. You wonder where the hell all these hotties are on the courses you play before scrolling onto Michael Jordon vs Magic Johnson in the infamous Dream Team scrimmage. You’ve seen it before but it’s still awesome. You scroll onto Devon Larratt, a beast of an arm wrestler, pulling a Georgian monster and that takes another minute. In 3 minutes you saw 3 awesome clips wondering where did the time go. Now do this for an hour.

Deleting the App

This is the 3rd time I’ve deleted Tik Tok. Each time it’s because of the aforementioned understanding that it’s a waste of time. The reasoning behind installing it again is because is the alternative that much better? If you’re not using Tik Tok, are you just using YouTube? Or Netflix? Do I read more books without Tik Tok? Do I have more time for learning Photoshop or a language? The curious answer is I do, but am I utilizing is? However, with it, there is no escaping. This is why I’m coming to the conclusion again…that it’s not worth it. I’ll also add that there are many videos on there that are positive experiences. I get shown why sobriety is amazing over and over. Hint hint. They show me tips to improve my golf game. Or breaking opinions on current events by serious content creators with high quality info. It’s not all bad, but it’s highly addictive, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the bad outweighs the good. Anyone have any similar experiences and found that it’s better without it?