Back Off Banana Breath

I was reading an article in the WSJ about Twitter changing its name to X. One quote was, “Those who don’t see eye-to-eye with Musk’s politics or interpretations of free speech will back off.” This was referring to the advertisers.

This gets tricky. Should I be able to say Joe Biden is not mentally fit to be President? This is part of democracy to criticize leadership. Can I say that Covid vaccines may be harmful? You’d like to think you’d be able to question what you put into your body that the government wants you to take. Am I hurting people if I say boys are boys and girls are girls? Questioning a new trend to understand what it is seems obvious.

YET, there are people out there who want to prevent this type of information being disseminated. They’ll say that it’s bad for people to digest “misinformation”. Labeling info as misinformation can be similar to saying “information I don’t agree with.” This is not free speech. If you are for a level of moderation that extends past pedophilia, beastiality, rapes, beheadings, suicides, and murder, then I’m not sure you understand what free speech is.

Anti-Free Speechers “know” they are right. See, I know I’m right too, but I listen to the other side before saying they’re stupid. Clearly tongue in cheek, but people need to be able to disagree and get along. We are at the worst point of democracy currently because this is so widely ignored. This is the Peter Griffin quote.


Free speech is one of the most important tools humans have. When you start to feel like your freedom of speech is being infringed upon, you’ll stop speaking out which is a detriment to idea creation. I’ve felt Elon Musk is a strong believer in freedom of thought and I’m always surprised when I read quotes like the above that say people disagree with his viewpoint. It’s cringeworthy when you have thought police or fact checkers. Who decides what a fact is on subjective material like whether a boy can be a girl? I love the idea of the community notes being added to tweets to give further details to what people post as “facts”. Statistics are a slippery slope as I’ve wrote many times before as facts.

For a final thought, I don’t understand what X is. I’ve read it’s trying to incorporating many different aspects other than short form posts such as banking and news. I’m not looking for this as it gives a lot of control through one network. This is why I’m always annoyed when I use Facebook products as they are incorporating the same idea to be able to advertise to you more effectively. This goes hand in hand with Tik Tok knowing the time you spend on videos and using that to promote to the human population as mind control. What they are doing with the pea brains and the mind control, well, that one I’d have to leave for another post but I promise you I’m not part of the master plan.