2 weeks ago my bet CT Pan (150-1) failed to win the RBC Canadian with a 2 stroke lead going into the final round. He was +400 to win on Sunday and I had $25 on him pre tournament. The eventual winner, Nick Taylor, started the round 3 behind with greater than 12-1 odds and won in a playoff to Tommy Fleetwood.

This week, it’s different and my chances for money are far greater with far more hedging options. This week it’s a showdown.

The Current Odds?

Here is the main bet. I also added $25 at 20-1.

Here are the current odds.

How to Bet It?

Odds shift fast in golf and a birdie on 1 by Chez and a bogey by Keegan can swap strategy which means I’ll wait a bit to do anything. The clear idea is to get some money on Keegan. Adding $1,000 to Bradley at any type of plus odds seems like a no brainer. I already have $100 on Cantlay at 5-1 when he was on 16 yesterday (great hedge sheeeeesh) and nothing on anyone else. I don’t mind adding to Cantlay at +800 for $50 so I don’t have to sweat a push by the best player at the nearest furthest number. Someone will shoot a 62 today from the guys who are at 14 and 15 which is 8 under. That puts their number at 23 and there is no way that should win against Bradley and Reavie, so I don’t see these guys as that much of a threat so maybe I’ll sprinkle $20 on the bottom guys like Scheffler, Thomas, and Fowler (I hate Adam Scott) just to avoid any wildness. The move clearly comes down to when to make a big bet on Keegan. It should be a two horse race and walking away with nothing on a bet like this is bad bad bad, so I have to be ready to accept -150 if Keegan looks like he’s running away with it. I just can’t bring myself to hit the -125 now. We’ll see.

$500 for $5,000?

The reason the post is titled $500 for $5,000 is because I’ve lost $500 on other golfers to have the shot on Chez. I struck out completely on the DP World Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, and Champions Tour. Ruoning Yin (55-1) is 3 back which is a glimmer of hope in the LPGA, but unlikely. So I bet $25 on nearly 30 golfers this week and Chez is the shot. If someone offered you the opportunity to 10x $500 dollars on Chez Reavie 1 back in the final round, would you take it? That’s what these posts are all about because I ask myself is this all worth it considering I lose far more often than I win. It all comes down to days like today where it’s a ton of fun to root for a golfer. Every reader in the post should have answered yes to this question by the way unless you’re an idiot who doesn’t understand betting. If anyone, anytime, ever offers you 10-1 on a +260, you take it. So, the answer to this question of, “do I like betting on golf” is yes.