I wrote about 500 words of a bachelor party recap post and wasn’t even to the good parts before deciding that it was too long and too boring to literally type out what happened sequence by sequence. So we’re going bullet points for the full weekend baby in Tannersville PA!!

  • Tom, Gourlay, Scott, and I golfed at Jack Frost National Friday morning. Perfect day, beautiful course, but the highlight being a ~60 year old guy named Steve joining the group for the last 12 holes. Steve was a classic country club guy, I imagine he was exactly like one of us 30 years ago AND he bought us five beers. Hell yeah Steve!
  • Went to the house after and people started arriving in waves. Before I knew it everyone was there slamming beers, playing Kan Jam, taking jello shots (thanks Kurt!), cookin’ burgers (thanks Slade & Joe! (I think?)), and doing unexpected extra curriculars.
  • I had to call night 1 early, I was sick and we had a big day the next day.
  • Saturday was the party bus. We pre-gamed by watching Tom’s Youtube videos and Jordan did 15 shots.
  • The party bus itself was awesome (great call Jordan). Our driver Wes was the man, the highlight being him backing up 400 meters on a crowded highway entrance because he didn’t want to sit in traffic, the man.
  • Party bus stop one, some small brewery, was just not ready for 14 guys coming in HOT at 1pm. There were ~10 people in there eating and drinking quietly. We mostly kept to ourselves in the back playing pool.
  • Party bus stop two, an outdoor brewery with live music, was more fitting for the crew. We ripped a few cigs and played cornhole. The highlight(?) was this group of older guys calling me “Woody” from Toy Story and we couldn’t really tell if they were making fun of me (they 100% were). Tom wanted to fight them but honestly they probably would’ve beat me up.
  • Party bus stop three was the Mt. Airy casino. Spirits were high but our start was rough with Ben not bringing his wallet and having to take the party bus back to the house.
  • Rob, Gourlay, Jeff, and I played blackjack at one table for most of the time. The random guy next to us was betting $25 a hand and $100 on the match-the-dealer side bet which he hit multiple times. We had varied success but I left up $375 and Gourlay more like $800.
  • Back to the party bus and back to the house. Fresh off his big win Gourlay tipped Wes $100 then went immediately to the fireworks store and bought $100 of fireworks. The next few hours were spent lighting fireworks and shooting them at each other from the deck into the backyard which we got some great videos out of. This is classic guy stuff.
  • After the fireworks Slade ordered pizza and wings. The pizza was solid, just what we needed. The wings were literally THEE worst wings I’ve ever had in my life. I remember specifically thinking “I’m drunk, any wing will be good right now“. You could not make a wing this bad if you tried.
  • The rest of the night was filled with ping pong, foosball, drinking games, etc. Again, classic guy stuff. I’d be remiss not to mentioned that Drew broke my Goodr sunglasses.

Overall it was a 10/10, exactly what I was hoping for. Get togethers like this only happen every so often at this point so I cherish them whenever possible. Did I forget a few things in the recap? I’m sure I did, but as long as those who were there have good memories from it, then I’m happy.