I ordered two Ring Security Cameras as a way to propel Stortz Tools into the 20th century (that’s the joke). Why do we need security cameras?

  • We’ve had expensive packages stolen off our front stoop when delivery drivers leave things there.
  • We get graffiti on the side wall of our building ~once a month.
  • I’m excited at the prospect of catching a crime, like a shooting or car jacking, on camera.

Now, we’ve yelled at the delivery drivers enough over the past year or so that they don’t leave packages out any more. But back when they used to, we had a 90% steal rate if it was left overnight.

So now that I have these cameras, I’m going to put an empty box on the front stoop and see what happens!

I don’t know why I’m excited. Either:

  • No one takes it.
  • Someone I’ve never seen before walks up and takes it and there will be nothing I can do about it.
  • Someone I know walks up and takes it, in which case I will also probably not doing anything about it.

Should I poop in the box? Does that increase the chance that the thief comes back the next day and shoots me?

All of these are great options.

Place your bets. Follow up post to come!