COD (Call of Duty for the cucks out there) gets a bad wrap from those who don’t play.

When you say “I played three hours of COD last night“, it raises eyebrows. A former lover of mine once said video games were “the biggest waste of time I could think of“. How do you come back from that? We didn’t last.

But I’m here to stand up for COD, because it keeps us together. It sounds dumb but it’s a social activity. I play almost every day and have a rotating cast of about 20 people that I play with.

It has literally put me in touch with friends that I haven’t talked to in years. People who I’d see just randomly throughout my life are now prominent figures, even ‘close’ friends.

And close friends become even closer friends. Alex and I are BFFs (Gggggg), but we don’t really talk that much in normal life. But with COD, we talk like… a few hours a week now.

I only intended for one FPS Doug reference but look at how ridiculous that monitor is in 2006.

So when someone says to do something like read a book, watch a TV series, go on a walk… those are all fair choices, but COD is honestly the most social thing I do in a world where social things have become harder to come by.

I have no shame in playing COD. Follow me on Twitch.