Order from Target: 1 x Max Douglas TV Stand.

Fedex: Sorry sir, we cannot deliver your Max Douglas TV Stand to your address because no one is there to receive it.

Me: Okay, you can send it to Stortz Tools, someone will be there to receive it.

Target: Okay, instead of redirecting the one that’s already in Philadelphia, we’re going to bring that one back to our warehouse and have a new one shipped out to Stortz Tools.

Me: Okay, that seems odd but whatever.

48 hours later I came home to a Max Douglas TV Stand on the front step of my apartment.

Then, a week later (today), I get ANOTHER Max Douglas TV Stand delivered to Stortz Tools.

So now I have two Max Douglas TV Stands. One assembled, and one still in the box. Target only charged me for one.

What do I do with this second stand? It cost $130 on Target’s website.


  1. Give it away to a loyal blog reader who needs it.
  2. Sell it on Facebook Marketplace (or some place else).
  3. Give it away via Facebook’s Buy Nothing Rittenhouse.
  4. Save it in the box in case I need it in the future.
  5. Somehow give it back to Target.
  6. Assemble it and have TWO Max Douglas TV Stands in my apartment.

I’m honestly torn. These are all good options (except option 5).

Does anyone need a cool TV stand?