I’ve used the same credit card for years now. It’s a Barclays card with a $9k limit and 1.5% cash back on every purchase. I have two others that I rarely ever use.

I never felt the appeal of building up a ton of miles over time or getting an extra 1% on groceries. It just seemed… insignificant.

But then Slade’s brother got us into the Centurion Lounge at the airport and told me about all the shit he gets with his credit card.

That got me thinking that maybe I need a crazy exclusive card to impress people I go on flights with.

Instead of wading through a dozen articles vying for the top Google spot selling me bullshit, I figured I’d turn to my readers. I’m willing to pay an annual fee!

I suspect Alex and Matzah will be particularly suited to give advice here. I was going to include Bill’s name as having potentially good thoughts but after suggesting that we SHOULDN’T have gotten high and drunk in Toronto I’m not sure I trust his advice anymore.