There’s really no point to this post other than to document the worst weekend of golf I’ve ever had.

After shooting an honest 105 at Raven’s Claw I thought sub-100 was right around the corner. This weekend may have ended my shot at sub-100 for the rest of my life.

Friday Course: Woodcrest

Score: 139

Summary: I couldn’t hit the ball. 64 on the front then I threw in a dip on 11 and things went even more downhill when the headrush hit. A 13 on the 16th hole was bad but I peaked on 18 where I hit three OB balls and absolutely nailed a 60 foot putt for a 14 on the hole.

Saturday Course: The Links

Score: 137

Summary: I was doing okay until the 170 yard par 3 8th hole. I hit a good four iron hybrid. Tom and Evan both said “Great shot“. Except it missed clearing the water by about 6 inches. I dropped in the drop area – duff into the water. I dropped again – duff into the water. Walked away with a 9 on the hole and another 60+ on the front. I somehow carded another 14 on a hole later in the round and was just ready to go home.

Most golfers go the whole year without getting a 13+ on a hole. I did it FOUR TIMES in 24 hours.

I just suck at golf. Does it prevent me from enjoying myself? Not entirely, but you’d like to get better at things the more you do them, not worse.

I will say I keep score honestly; no lie-fixes, no double par max, plenty of OB strokes, just good old fashioned shitty golf.

Find someone else who’s been golfing for 7 years and takes almost 300 strokes in two rounds. You can’t.