You know when you’re half asleep at night and every idea you come up with seems amazing in your head?

I remember in middle school when I was half asleep I became 100% confident that I was going to confess my feelings to the girl I had a crush on. When I woke up in the morning I thought there’s no fucking way I’m going to embarrass myself like that (probably why I was kissless until 17). How could it seem like such a good idea at the time?

Last night, half asleep, I came up with an idea for a post. I haven’t been posting lately and the new post would be centered around why that is. I was going to title the post “Posting Less“. Then, for some reason, I swapped it around to “Les Postman“. Kind of a Les Paul / Posting Less remix. There was no real reason behind it. But last night, I told myself I would write a post today titled Les Postman. People would see the title and think it was about some chess guy I like on Youtube. Nope. Les Postman. Great idea.

I don’t have a great reason for why I haven’t been posting. I used to make annual goals, and I remember one year my goal was “write 200 blog posts“. What the fuck did I used to write about? Four times a week! I’d writing running updates that no one cared about and then recap my blacked out weekends. Maybe readers enjoyed those.

But now I just feel like everything is either unoriginal (Tipadelphia, political thoughts, etc), or stuff about my personal life that no one cares about (BBQ night stand, golf, etc.). But maybe people do enjoy the latter stuff. I’m actually shocked at how much feedback I got on the BBQ night stand post.

So maybe that’s the point of this post. I’ll go back to the old days of writing bullshit going on in my personal life. Mark always told me he would ctrl+f “Mark“, and if his name didn’t come up, he wouldn’t read the post. People like being mentioned. Back to the basics.