I never write posts like this anymore but it’s been over two weeks since my last post and I likely won’t post at all next week!

Why won’t I be posting next week? Meghan and I are going to Portugal!

I’ve never been to Portugal. All I know is that Ronaldo is Portuguese. Which is really my only goal of the trip. Find Ronaldo. We’ll be checking out Porto and Lisbon for three days each. Send any recs!

Other than that, things have been pretty standard.

I signed up for the Ursinus Twilight Two Mile in five weeks. I’m in decent shape after this workout yesterday, but nothing special. In the past I felt like I couldn’t race unless I was in GOOD shape. Something about being older and swallowing pride feels important. It’s okay to show up and get beat by a bunch of teenagers I’ve never met.

There’s a chance I post in Portugal with an update of what’s going on, but most likely not. Who knows, maybe if it’s really nice we’ll stay there forever. That would make you all happy wouldn’t it!