I’m already looking forward to Bill’s response to this post.

I bought a new table from Amazon two weeks ago for $200. After 75 minutes it was fully assembled.

Then, two days ago, I noticed this crack. It looks worse in person.

Is this bad enough to make a fuss about? Do I write a review? Do I ask for a refund? I’m able to return this through Feb 17. The crack doesn’t really effect it’s performance as a table and I like the way the set up looks in the apartment for what it’s worth.

In my mind, there’s no way I’m returning it. It’s too much effort and the problem isn’t that bad. But it’s annoying that this happened so quickly, and if the table is useless in two months I will actually be pissed.

I might write a review on Amazon. I bought it because it had a lot of good reviews!

But even that I’m not sure of because maybe the reason it cracked is because I tightened all the legs to much (I was making them REALLY tight until reading the instructions which said DON’T over tighten). So what do I do? “3.5/5 stars. Looks good, easy to assemble. Wood cracked after two weeks, still usable”.

What would you do, Bill?