On Tuesday I rode an electric Philly Bike Share bike to 16th and Arch for a doctor’s appointment. 30 minutes later, I went out to the bike share station to ride home. The bike I docked was gone. No big deal, I’ll check out another one!

When I opened the app, it showed I still had an active ride going! Wat. The bike is gone! How do I have an active ride!

Well, your boy didn’t push his bike in all the way. And in the 30 minutes that I was at the doctor, SOMEONE pulled the loose bike out of the dock and rode away!

So I called Indego support and explained what happened. They said they’ll keep an eye on it to see if the bike is returned elsewhere. If it is, no big deal. But if it isn’t…

Well, it’s been two days and the bike still hasn’t been returned to a dock. So some fucker stole the bike and isn’t giving it back.

And guess who’s on the hook for that? Me! And guess how much is on that hook? $500!!

There’s nothing I can do. I’m a victim. I’ll never find the bike or the person who took it. They got one over on me.

Gourlay gave me a great idea: donate to my Venmo to help pay for the bike – @sam-stortz. What good is this blog if I can’t fundraise for my problems?

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

I never get a chance to post the Unifliz for 4chan, so I’m doing it below because this is a bike related post.