Once a week I treat myself to a coffee and small snack before work. Today was a United by Blue hot coffee and yogurt / granola combo.

United By Blue is one of those “We’re locally sourced and also clean the ocean” type coffee places, so going in, I know it’s a little overpriced, but like I said, it’s a treat for myself and I don’t mind helping the ocean.

Here’s how my interaction went down today:

Me: Just the coffee and this *gestures towards the yogurt*
Cashier: Okay, $13.50
Me: (doing the math in my head)… wait I’m sorry, this yogurt was like $10?
Cashier: Ummmmmmm, yes.
Me: Wow. Oh yeah, it says it right here on the cup. Well fuck me then!

I didn’t say that last part, but the rest happened exactly like that.

That picture may be a bit misleading, it looks like it might be two feet tall there, but I promise it’s not.

I’ve gotten this exact yogurt ~10 times before. I thought it was overpriced when it was only $6. Today was on another level. It was so ridiculous that I considered saying “Can I actually unbuy this?“, but I’m too nice to do that.

I was going to make a list of foods I could buy for $10 leading off with 40 large gumballs but then I thought it’s been so long since I’ve seen one of those machines that they’re probably charging $10 for a gumball now too.

I’m not saying it’s Biden’s fault or Trump’s fault or even Obama’s fault, but a $10 yogurt just isn’t gonna fly for me. I need a new breakfast treat. I guess it’s back to Wawa Sizzlis.