Tomorrow I will be racing the Rothman 8k

What’s my goal? Glad you asked!

Here are the notes about my recent training:

My goal tomorrow is to break 27:00.

The last time I broke 27:00 was at this very race in 2015, and my PR is 26:40 from my sophomore year in college. The weather is set for high 30s with light wind, not great, not terrible.

The game plan is to go out CONSERVATIVELY. I don’t care if the first mile is 5:15 or 5:30, I want to feel smooth and relaxed. From there, we’re going to slowly chip away, coming home with a nice negative split while passing people the last half.

Broad Street muddies the water. My 5 mile splits at Broad Street this May were 27:48 then 27:12. I genuinely don’t think of Broad Street times as real times. I don’t understand them. If I can run 27:12 for the last five of Broad Street, and I believe I’m in similar shape, why am I scared to say the goal is to PR here?

Setting a PR would be astounding. Full ‘webb is back baby!’ type of stuff. We can go on all day about the super shoes too, who knows.

If I break 27:00 tomorrow, I will be happy.

If I PR, I will live stream myself drinking 12 beers as fast as I can, the number of years since that PR was set.

If I crash and burn and run 28:00 or something, I will cry.

Wish me luck.