What. A. Match.

The final result. A TIE. 109 to 109.

I got off to a hot start shooting a quality 48 on the front 9. Gourlay though was keeping pace with an impressive 52.

I faltered on the back 9. It came down to the final hole. I was up 2 strokes and Gourlay hit an absolutely perfect drive to be 120 out from the green. We got to the green with him 2 strokes ahead on the hole and somehow we BOTH three putted. His miss was more egregious, probably three feet. Dale was disappointed that we didn’t do a putt-off.

After a 106 at the Links I figured ~100 for Melrose was reasonable. 109 was disappointing, but Gourlay ‘won’ this more than I lost it. A real 109 when I would’ve thought 120 was more realistic. So props to Gourlay for covering the +18 spread and playing well at a real course.

Next time we’ll declare a definitive winner.