Last Thursday I flew to San Diego for Rob’s Bachelor party. This post has no purpose other than chronicling what we did.


  • I met Satchel at his house and immediately took a weed edible. Then we went to a local Mexican restaurant and got burritos.
  • Abud showed up 40 minutes late because he ubered to the wrong El Pueblo (we had two other bad driving incidents where my Uber driver insisted Pennsylvania was part of the Confederacy and Rob gave his taxi driver the address to which he replied “I don’t know where that is“.)
  • 3 IPAs + the weed edible hitting had me a little too out there for two hours into the bachelor party.
  • We picked up Shiloh and went to the Airbnb.
  • Rob showed up late because he missed his flight (Manayunk flooded, thanks Obama!).
  • The rest of the night was Rob, Satch, and Shi’s fantasy draft which Shiloh insisted he did ‘no research‘ for, then 10 minutes later said he’d done four mock drafts.
  • I hit a joint around 9pm and it was time for bed!


This day was our HAMMER day.

  • Brunch at Crushed where we had to put in our order and pay for everything BEFORE we sat down! Loser!
  • We hit Pacific Beach for a while after that. Satch and Shiloh (and me) got into an argument about Joe Rogan. Satchel insisted you shouldn’t get information on anything from anywhere or anyone.
  • We took a quick Uber home and played Jackpot (the kids ball game) in the pool for like two hours then called an Uber for the Padres game.
  • The Uber said 19 minutes away so Rob went into his room to take a 19 minute nap. 0% he wouldn’t gotten up if no one woke him up.
  • We had the worst seats of all time and basically spent three hours getting hammered.
  • Shiloh squeezed a full beer while I was holding it and it spilled all over my pants.
  • On the way out we took breathalyzer tests which had me and Rob at 0.19 and Satch at 0.24. I don’t remember what Shiloh was but it was too low and he insisted the test was wrong.
  • We went to some bar after and things get hazy. Abud and I smoked some cigs with some dudes and I think talked about Philly sports?
  • We ubered home, then went to the Nite Owl. Shiloh got in trouble for throwing the darts too hard. Heck of a night for Shiloh.


This was an all-time hangover day.

  • I ran 7 miles first thing in the morning and smashed ’em, a 6:05 and 5:55 fifth and sixth mile basically killed me.
  • Abud and I walked to get In n’ Out which was good (Shake Shack is better (triggered)).
  • The group collectively struggled until 1pm or so when me, Abud, Shiloh, and Satch got in the pool and started drinking. Rob was inside dying.
  • We did exactly this until 6pm when we ubered to the beach. Rob, Satch, and I got busted by beach-police within 5 minutes and had to pour our beers out. Owned.
  • We found a beach-side bar to drink at and watch the sunset.
  • We ran up a $300 tab of just Modello’s over the next few hours and yelled at each other about whether Aaron Donald could guard Lionel Messi in soccer and whether we should finish building the wall.
  • Satchel ended the session by farting and clearing out our room at the bar. It was time to go to bed.


Another bad hangover day.

  • I cleaned the Airbnb for three hours before checkout.
  • Afterward we went to Satchel’s house 30 minutes north of San Diego and Shiloh took a train home.
  • A day at the beach was our cure.
  • We went to the Sky Deck for drinks and to watch the ND game.
  • There was a friendly Florida State fan there who Rob was NOT vibing with. A flag was thrown in the game and the fan said “offensive holding!” when the call ended up being defensive holding. Rob said to us that the guy was an idiot and he 100% overheard it.
  • Abud took off for his flight home and ND held on to win, what a day.


I was ready to be home 24 hours ago.

  • I went for an easy 6 mile run and fell on a dirt path halfway through and was covered in shit the rest of the run.
  • Satch, Hannah, and I got brunch while Rob stayed at the house too hungover.
  • We filled the remaining time before my flight home at the beach.
  • I took a red eye home and it absolutely sucked.

Good times for everyone and congrats Rob and Karen!