It’s that time of year again. Boy is it time. Yep, it’s time to discuss with Tom and Jeff the idea of throwing a Stortz Tools Holiday Party only to end up not doing it. It’s a tradition at this point. Yep. It’s time.

Let’s break this down elementary school style:


  • Stortz friends and family would all be invited! Even if you’re not a friend, as long as you read the blog, you’re invited.


  • A big ass party celebrating the big ass success of Stortz Tools.


  • Our default answer has been North Bowl. We’d rent out the top section, food and drinks on the house! You could bowl if you want but are not required to. Other event spaces or idea suggestions in the city are welcome, as this is not set in stone.


  • At this point, we’re likely looking at January 2023 unless this blog takes off and everyone loves the idea and we plan it between Christmas and New Year. This also begs the question of if this really has to be a ‘holiday’ party. We could do this at any time throughout the year.


  • Cause we like to party. And because Stortz Tools is the best online distributor of specialty metal roofing tools in the world.


  • You’re probably saying to yourself ‘okay, great, you’ve got this shit figured out, why the fuck are you blogging about it? Why aren’t you doing it?‘. The answer to this is not money. It’s not that it’s too hard to plan. It’s not that we’re not appreciative…

The answer is FEAR. This is why I haven’t hosted a party in the last like 10 years. Planning the party is easy, but the idea of no one showing up is reason enough to say “ehh, maybe next year” (to me, at least).

So this post is to encourage everyone to encourage us to host this party.

Feel free to give any suggestions as to what may make this party more fun or planning tips. And stay tuned. There will be a follow up post if we do in fact pull the trigger.