As a city dweller, I’m forced to coexist with a lot of people. Some of these people are great. Most are average. Some are horrible. I try my hardest to reserve judgement on others and see things through their perspective unless something is absolutely undeniable.

Our new apartment is at the corner of 7th and Christian; a moderately busy street in a residential part of Philadelphia. Every single night we’ve lived here, at least one car has driven by between 10pm – 4am with insanely thumping bass blasting shitty hip hop.

I am not a generalizer, but these people do not care about anyone they’re driving past. I lose a sliver of faith in humanity every time I encounter them.

For that reason, I’m proposing the Decibel Ticket. Partially inspired by my $100 red light ticket, the Decibel Ticket is an automated system that activates at 10pm and stays active until 5am. Anytime a car registers a noise above a certain decibel level between those hours, they’re mailed a $100 ticket.

This doesn’t just apply to music either, but engine noises as well, because the loud engine cars or motorcycles are just as egregious and intentional.

If this went to a public vote, it would pass with like 99% approval. How would it not? How do I make this happen?

Sam for President!