the moment you’ve all been waiting for! i thought about doing a first impression post but wanted to digest the album for a week instead. here are the songs from best to worst. and if you don’t like it, i don’t care.

great tier

  • betty
    it’s the most formulaic song of this bunch, but it’s just classic tswift, perfectly done. almost thought she was a lesbian at first. apparently she might be.
  • the 1
    who knew two chords alternating could be so god damn catchy. great vocals. sets the tone for the album!
  • cardigan
    the last two minutes of this song are incredible. had i written a first impression post this would’ve been near the bottom cause the start is too slow but the second half is so good.
  • exile
    who the fuck is bon iver. great duet. 45 second-ish too long.
  • invisible string
    sneaking into the top tier. feel like she wrote this about me and her. great lyrics. great vocals. simple. catchy.

good tier

  • my tears ricochet
    like 10% too slow to make the top tier. the echo-y drum pick up half way through is fantastic. great production.
  • august
    catchy but too long. feels like a worse version of betty.
  • the last great american dynasty
    this is higher up on most peoples’ list. the drum beat reminds me of idioteque from kid a and it’s off putting.
  • mirroball
    standard, quality song. a bit too lovey-dovey. not a high enough peak.

okay tier

  • mad woman
    and when you say i seem angry i get more angry“. amazing line. every guy has had this happen to them. overall okay song otherwise.
  • illicit affairs
    too many big words. don’t love the vocals. the story just feels forced. idk. not a big fan.
  • this is me trying
    genuinely did not remember hearing this song the first like three times through the album. just too forgettable.
  • seven
    this is borderline snoozer territory. absolutely nothing exciting about the song, but can get through it.

snoozer tier

  • epiphany / peace / hoax
    if these songs were a person, they’d be joe alwyn. taylor was smart to put these three at the end of the album because they all just… stink. i’m sure the lyrics mean something to her and shes happy she wrote them but good god i cannot listen to these at all.

overall: 8/10