I wrote a negative Google review for a pizzeria in Old City because they did a shitty job one time.

Out of curiosity, I checked their reviews recently and my review was upvoted 6 times and shown as the top review. When I saw that, I felt bad. It’s been almost a year since that review, and it still haunts them. People all over Philadelphia talk about that review.

One perspective is ‘good, they deserve it for their shitty service‘.

But the other is…

Google Reviews began in 2007. I don’t know if Google has a plan for reviews in the future, but if that pizzeria is around in say, 20 years, should my review still hold weight? My opinion would be no!

Here’s a great review that still supports your boys at Splittingtens!

8 years ago! Do you think Tom is still a pleasure?!

Google Reviews need an expiration date.

Good or bad, reviews should expire. What happened 8 years ago shouldn’t impact how your business is rated today.

I think the biggest argument for this is that it would encourage more honest reviews. A company we do business with asked if I would write them a Google review. I didn’t do it, because they weren’t 5 star-worthy and I felt bad giving anything less than 5 stars because it stays forever. If reviews expired, you’d see much more honest reviews.

How do I tell this to Google? This is something that should actually happen, not just for Google, but all reviews.